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Android Emulator Proxy Settings


Internet browsing in android emulator required no configuration if your host operating system is out of proxy. But if you are behind the proxy you must set android emulator proxy settings properly. An incorrect configuration hampers your internet browsing.

There are many ways to setup android emulator proxy settings. Here I am going to mention some of the easiest ways:

Android Emulator Proxy Settings - Edit Access Point

Android Emulator Proxy Settings – Edit Access Point

Manual Configuration:

01. Go to Home Screen

02. Click on Menu

03. Click on Settings

04. In Wireless & Networks category, click More…

05. Click Mobile Networks

06. Click Access Point Names

07. Click TelKila

08. Enter Proxy and Port

09. Enter Username and Password if required


From Command Line:

01. Run the command console by Start >> Run >>Type cmd>> Press Enter

02. Navigate to tools folder of android SDK installation. In my case it is D:\android-development\android-sdk-windows\tools

03. Run the command after customize for yourself. “emulator -avd {avd-name| in my case DroidX} -http-proxy {http-proxy address:port|in my case}”

04. In my case the full command was: “emulator -avd DroidX -http-proxy”


Your proxy was set successfully. Just open browser, pour an URL to it and continue browsing.


Please Note: I have used Android Emulator 4.0.3 to test this android emulator proxy settings process.


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