How to Calibrate Touch Screen on HTC Desire HD

As a HTC Desire HD user, you have noticed sometimes that your touch screen malfunctioning.

You can solve this problem by resetting touch screen calibration settings.

Follow the steps to calibrate touch screen on HTC Desire HD:

  • Go to “Menu”
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Language & keyboard”
  • Select “Touch Input”
  • Select “Text input”
  • Select “Reset calibration”

This process will calibrate touch screen on you HTC Desire HD

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11 comments on “How to Calibrate Touch Screen on HTC Desire HD
  1. htc user says:

    Hi there. But the problem is, I can’t even surpass the locked screen. How to go to menu, settings and so on. Can u help. Email me thanks a lot

  2. Dimpho Kgaoganang says:

    I have tried all that but it shows that the screen has been calibrated to factory default, meanwhile some letters does not respond on operation

  3. maher Milad says:

    the HTC mobile is switching off and On every 20-30 minutes, how to rectify/Calibrate?

  4. irshad says:

    but can’t calibrate touch my touch 1 site is not work

  5. Ekaterine Kordzaia says:

    Hello i need to calibrate htc desire v 500. Try to make it, settings,desplay,calibration,i pu it on the teble,give calibration and ok,bu it just calibratr horizontal,i need both,vertikal toi

  6. Sanjay says:

    My Dizire C touch screen is working but bottom area back and another functions are not working

  7. at my htc desire c rus, at one point line is not working, rest of the screen was goo,if u know how to rectify this problem plz mail to my e-mail

    • Rahinur Rahaman says:

      Dear Babu,

      I am using HTC Desire HD A1919 and explored all of its feature.I never used HTC Desire C but I think as booth phone are HTC product, features will be equivalent.

      If you specify your problem in detail, I will try to give you possible suggestions.

  8. Rizwan Saif says:

    My Dizire C touch screen is working but bottom area back and another functions are not working..
    plz reply me or msg me at 03044886870

  9. mudy says:

    i have the problem of keyboard in my htc a9191 especially in backspace and delete also all back buttons are not responding please help me

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